How it works

Affordable and comfortable city-to-city travel, even at the last minute.

  1. 2. Book online

    Book your seat online. You’ll get the car owner's phone number to arrange the final details.

    You can also contact the car owner via private message once you've booked your seat.

  2. 3. Travel together

    Bring exact change to pay the car owner the agreed contribution during the ride.

    Remember to leave a rating for the car owner after the ride, it means they’re more likely to leave one for you!

Share your city-to-city car journeys with trusted passengers and share your costs!

  1. 1. Offer a ride online

    Enter the date and time, pick-up and drop-off points, and your price per co-traveller.

    Give specific pick-up and drop-off points, like a street or a station. It'll help you get more passengers!

  2. 2. Your co-travellers book online

    When a co-traveller books a seat in your car, you’ll immediately get their phone number to arrange the final details.

    You can check out the details of your ride group anytime you log in to BlaBlaCar.

  3. 3. Travel Together

    Agree on your specific pick-up and drop-off points with your passengers before the ride.

    Add a photo of your car to your own profile: it'll help your co-travellers find you at the meeting point.

  4. 4. Your co-travellers Pay You

    Your co-travellers will pay you their contribution in cash during the ride.

    After travelling together leave a rating for your co-travellers - they'll be more likely to leave one in return.