If your organization would like to promote carpooling as an economical & practical transport alternative, BlaBlaCar offers two free widgets that you will find valuable.

Car owner widget > Offer a ride

This widget is ideal if your audience have cars, and are planning a long distance journey to your venue. It will allow them to offer their empty seats on BlaBlaCar, and offset their petrol costs by taking paying co-travellers. By helping your audience avoid travelling in single occupancy vehicles, you can reduce the environmental impact of their journey and alleviate pressure on your parking facilities.

<< Try it out here, just type in arrival and destination towns and click!

Co-traveller widget > Find a ride

This widget is ideal if your audience are not coming to your venue in their own car, and are looking for an affordable travel alternative. For example, you can display it on your “How to get here” page, it will allow your visitors to find a ride in one click and save on travel.

<< Try it out here, just type in arrival & destination cities and click!
Who can use the BlaBlaCar widgets?
Anyone can use these widgets, and they are completely free. They would be very useful to organisations and venues that attract numerous visitors such as universities, festivals, tourist destinations, local government…
Why promote car sharing?
Providing a carpooling widget on your site is a practical, added-value service that your audience will appreciate, but it’s also a positive sign of your active environmental engagement. So, encouraging your audience to rideshare is a great idea, for your organisation, for your audience and for the planet!
Cool! How do I get mine?
If you would like to use our free widgets on your site, just drop us an email on specifying:

-where you will be using the widget(s)

-which widget you’d like (you’re allowed to have both!)

We’ll send you a little piece of code, called an iframe, to paste onto your site. You’ll then have a carpooling widget all ready to go!

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Offer a ride